Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hunter, Mercedes Lackey

This book is written by a popular author, someone whose name is familiar to me and whose books I haven't had a chance to read yet, so when I saw a chance to review this book through Netgalley I was excited... (I wanted to love this book, I really did!) But the story line and language usage is a little too familiar. The world The Hunter is set in is great, as are the Hunters themselves and the basis of the story line. While Joy isn't necessarily a Katniss or Tris clone, there are some similarities. But hey, how could there not be a few? My main problem? Annoyance? Yes, annoyance may be the better word, annoyance with this book was the vocabulary of the characters. It reminded me of a certain movie with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone set in a futuristic world where the citizens have forgotten complete words and shortened versions are now the norm. Things like "vid screen" instead of video or monitor, and other such usages. I was able to get past that, but it may have been the cause of me losing focus every time I tried to read. Maybe it's just my age. Ms. Lackey's younger set of followers may enjoy this more than I did. I thought it was okay, and I still plan on reading some of her other work. Maybe I'll even pick up the next book in this series...

Hunter (Hunter, #1)Hunter by Mercedes Lackey

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