Monday, May 18, 2015

Dark Screams: Volume Three

Another great collection! Thank you Netgalley! For me, the "scariest" story in the collection is definitely THE COLLECTED SHORT STORIES OF FREDDIE PROTHERO by Peter Straub. Anything that involves a child scares me to my core and makes me feel totally helpless.

I Love You Charlie Pearson is freaky good. I didn't see that coming, thought it would go in a whole other direction. I like when I can be blindsided.

I think these collections are just the thing I need when the block sets in. They lift me right out of my doldrums and spark my interest again. Kind of like cleansing the palate between courses, they are the sorbet of my reading diet. =)

Dark Screams: Volume ThreeDark Screams: Volume Three by Peter Straub

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