Friday, March 27, 2015

Arrrrrgh!!! I've come down with readers block!!!

Help!!!! I just want to read again!!!

I started to keep a journal on another site sometime in 2006 or so... I basically used it as an online diary that some friends and a few people with similar interests followed. I didn't always post faithfully everyday, but I posted weekly. After awhile, I started noticing I was posting more and more about books! Books that I read, books that were recommended to me, lists of books that I wanted. I was also an active member of Bookcrossing then, so that may explain the posts. But, life got in the way.

Fast forward a few years, and I've neglected the journal. Facebook has all my attention, everyday. But even on Facebook, my time is spent in book groups. I can't help it. I love books. I am an addict. So, of course curiosity gets me one day and I find I still remember my password to my journal. It felt like visiting an old friend! But- all my old friends from the site were no longer active. What was the point of continuing to journal if no one is there to share it with you??? Then, life got in the way.

A few months ago, I found Netgalley. What a joy, challenge and major disappointment Netgalley can be! You become a member, find some titles you may be interested in, request an advanced reading copy from the publisher, and hope you are chosen to review the title. Waiting to hear back from the publishers at first was torture! The first email I received from one of the publishers was an approval! I was elated! How easy was this?! Free books in exchange for an honest review. I can do this!!! So, I linked my Goodreads account, Twitter, and dusted off the ole journal and got it started again. Then I said to myself, why am I going to to continue posting on this site, when I'm the only one who sees it? I know! I'll start a blog on an actual blog site! And so I did. I call it The Readers Block because my vision for this blog is to create a place where readers can come to find their next read, to get suggestions and to break out of the dreaded Readers Block that sometimes hits all avid readers (You may call it "the slump"). It's not as easy as I thought it would be, because I need to FIND those people and have an interesting enough blog going to get them to want to follow. So yeah, for someone who wants it to be more than just a hobby, blogging is work!  Netgalley is also work. I learned that soon enough too, once the rejections started coming in. I am turned down more often than accepted right now because my blog doesn't have 500 or more followers. What??? Okay, challenge accepted. I'll find a way and get it done, one post, one review, at a time.

But guess what? I have been hit with readers block. This March has been a horrible month for a lot of my online reader friends, myself included. I just can't find the time to sit down to read, or keep my attention focused when I do find the time. I seem to want to spend all my time finding new books to read or talking about books I've read, but I can't get myself interested in any of the books I have started since the beginning of the month. Ugh. So, until I can get back into my reading rhythm, I'm just going to try and build up this blog and seek out new titles and authors. Thank the powers that be for Book Blogs and Goodreads!!! Although, Goodreads can keep you in a slump as well as get you out with all those giveaways!!! What do you do to get out of the slump???